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On October 29th, we found a little kitten huddled in our backyard. She was cold and scared, and hid behind the garbage can for the entire day before we decided to move her inside. Her back had been covered in bites and scratches, and she had fleas all over. 

Luckily, we were able to take her to a vet and they were able to determine that she was a perfectly healthy kitty (minus the fleas and bite/scratch marks). However, since it turns out that she's a stray, she still needs a ton of procedures and vaccines. Originally, we had planned to take her to an animal shelter or a humane society... but after taking care of her for the past week, we couldn't bear to give her away.


Unfortunately, neither of us had planned on getting a cat, so we weren't financially able to afford all the procedures. However, while we aren't prepared right now, we still want to be able to provide for the cat to the best of our abilities. 


And so, while it may be incredibly rude of us to ask, we would like to request your support so that she can continue to stay in a home where she is loved and safe from harm. Every little bit helps, even if it's something simple like sharing this story; in return, we promise that we will always go above and beyond for this kitty. But in order to do that, we need your help.

Here is what your donations would help cover:

- Exam/Consultation fees

- Flea/Worm Treatment

- Rabies Vaccine

- Dental Care

- Fecal Exam

- Spaying

Thank you all so much again for your help and kindness. We will continue to work hard to fulfill your expectations.
-Choctopi and KeiK.

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