Commission Info!


  • Extra body parts (Wings, centaur bodies, multiple arms/legs/tails etc.) and complicated designs may cost extra depending on complexity. 
  • Commissions will only be started after they have been paid for by the commissioner.
  • Payment is only accepted through Paypal or Kofi (If using Kofi please notify me first)
  • I will only refund money for a commission if I have not started it or if something goes wrong on my end and for whatever reason I am not able to complete your commission.
  • Generally I will not send WIPs unless asked for.
  • By commissioning me you are allowing me to use the commission as an example/post online/use as a portfolio piece, but I won't if you ask me not to. So let me know if you do not want me to post it anywhere. 
  • If I don't feel comfortable accepting your commission, I reserve the right to refuse it. 
Email me at if you are interested in commissioning me! Please copy and fill out the info below for each character you'd like to commission and include it your email. 


Commission Form

Commission Type: 

Character Name:



Body Type:



Reference Images: 

Any information I should know about them? (Anything not shown in reference, important details, etc.)

Example of properly filled out form:
  • Commission Type: Colored Illustration - Semi
  • Character Name: Apoc
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Personality: Stern and grumpy. He hates people and doesn't want to be bothered. 
  • Pose/Expression: Calm, but cold stare
  • Reference Images: (This is not a good reference image, please include a better one than this for your commission, preferably an actual reference sheet lol)
  • Any information I should know about them? (Anything not shown in reference, important details, etc.)
    • The scar on his neck extends all the way down his chest, it crosses another scar that goes from his left shoulder across his chest to form an X. Only his right hand is a claw, his other hand is normal but has black finger nails. The cross earring is only on the left side.