4/5 Updates! Pillows on the way!

4/5 Updates! Pillows on the way!

Great news everyone! Just a few hours ago, our manufacturer was able to get the OK to restart production. However, since shipping lines are heavily impacted right now, the fastest we will be able to receive the charity pillows is at the beginning of May. 

For those of you who were on the fence about ordering, now would be the best time to place those orders! Especially with COVID19 following the massive wildfires, WIRES needs your help now more than ever. Remember, 80% of the profits generated from the Charity products will be donated to help WIRES with their animal relief efforts in Australia. We will have orders open for the May drop of Charity Bearded Dragon Pillows until April 20th. We encourage you to grab a pillow sooner rather than later so WIRES can put our donations to better use! If now is not a great time to donate, then fear not; we will aim to have at least 1 drop every month so you can still help out later.

If you have any questions, please let us know here! Thank you all for your patience and contributions towards this project.


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