3/23 Updates! New upcoming merch, shipping statuses, and more!

3/23 Updates! New upcoming merch, shipping statuses, and more!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe from the coronavirus! Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week of the California quarantine, and as we brace for the upcoming weeks, we've been keeping ourselves busy designing new content for you. Now that our plans are being finalized, we're excited to announce a couple of projects that we hope to launch in the next few weeks!



For fans of memes and stickers, we're working on launching a special Sticker Club on Patreon so you can meme along with us! I will be designing stickers featuring the Derptiles in various different meme formats and sending them to your doorstep each month. For those of you who want acrylic pins, I will be announcing a Pin Club soon as well!


Shipping Status/Delays

Unfortunately, due to the quarantine, our local mail services have been slammed non-stop as demand for delivery rises. For now, please expect another 1-2 day delay in shipping. We will be monitoring the situation and hopefully be able to resume a normal delivery schedule once the rush is over.



Interested in seeing how I work? Want to ask me questions about art? Need a coffee tutorial so you can survive the day (or night) in quarantine? Come check out our Twitch and YouTube channels! This will be a brand new venture for us, so any tips/comments/suggestions/other feedback you can provide for us will be greatly appreciated!!


And as always, thank you all so much for your support. We will continue to work our hardest to fulfill your expectations.


Choctopi and KeiK.

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